Current Trends Driving the Workplace

2023 workplace trends

Current Trends Driving the Workplace

From the depressing aesthetic of the 1900s to the posh settings of many offices, the workplace has experienced a dramatic change over the past years. Lately, many organizations are setting up new amenities to woo workers back to offices. This particular change is coming after the COVID-19 pandemic increased remote work. For business owners looking to recreate these trends in their workplace, here are some of the current trends driving the workplace. 

5 current trends driving the workplace

Below are five current trends driving today’s workplace. These trends have been proven to increase productivity and worker retention. 

Coworking Space

The rise in co-working space is a current trend that seems to have no end in sight. The coworking space is an arena where team members can collaborate and generate ideas. They improve productivity and help fast-track idea generation, as well as promote unity in the workplace. 

Child Daycare

Long ago, it was a punishable offense to bring your child to your workplace as they can impede your productivity. Today, many workplaces have child daycare where parents can drop their kids off as they work. This strategy has helped in a company’s overall recruitment and retention strategy as many workers, particularly women, are less likely to quit. 

Corporate Gyms and Yoga Zones 

The first and most obvious cost-saving strategy many companies are adopting is corporate gyms. Corporate gyms have opened a new avenue for workers and have been proven to improve productivity. Also, people who exercise are less likely to fall ill, which translates into less time off work. According to the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (CIPD), companies that invest in their workers’ well-being increase their resilience and also help in better employee interaction. Similarly, yoga zones help improve inspiration as yoga allows for better concentration and moves blood flow throughout the body. 

Quiet or Tech-free Zones

Sometimes, workers want to catch a break from technology gadgets and have a quiet time alone. Today, there are quiet or tech-free zones in the workplace where workers can spend some minutes and arrange their thoughts. These areas are also called relaxation zones and help employees recharge when they feel tired or overwhelmed. Access to tech-free zones has been proven to increase productivity and boost overall employee morale. 

Rest or Nap Areas

Many companies are now providing rest or nap areas for their employees. According to statistics, millennial employees are tied to their work gadgets and take pride in working long hours every day. This impedes their productivity as they do not get the recommended 8-hour sleep. Companies have taken it upon themselves to create a nap area that allows them to sleep or rest for a while before or after work. 

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