Lysa Wilkins

About Lysa Wilkins

Lysa is a dynamic speaker and trainer. She has the unique ability to energize a team with her contagious passion and knowledge. She has facilitated trainings for individuals, and businesses with an emphasis on finding your calling and your unique gifts.

Lysa is the Director of Training for Business Networking International and has been chosen to speak at regional and national events. She offers indoor and outdoor team building activities that are fun and at the same time inspirational leading to permanent change for the individuals and teams involved.

Lysa believes that the strength of a team is each individual member and the strength of each member is the team. By facilitating conversations and activities with her audience Lysa uncovers each individuals strength and passion for what they do. She also uncovers their weaknesses and allows them to find the teammate on their team who can support them in that area which automatically starts to bond and build a better foundation for the team as a whole.