Managing Employee Wellbeing in a Hybrid Workplace

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Managing Employee Wellbeing in a Hybrid Workplace

There are many benefits to a hybrid workplace for both employees and the business. These days, more and more companies are adhering to a hybrid environment for so many reasons. Hybrid workplaces offer the perfect work-life balance and the ability to collaborate and meet in person when necessary. 

Though beneficial, feeling part of a team can be difficult and cause engagement and productivity to drop. If your business is currently hybrid or working towards the switch, there are things to consider when managing employee well-being in a hybrid office. Follow along as we review some advice to promote employee well-being in a hybrid workplace. 

Stay Connected

It is human nature to want to feel connected, especially at work. Whether working from home or in the office, it is important to make employees feel included. By using platforms like Slack, Teams, or Spaces and initiating regular video and phone calls, your employees are able to feel connected and included while working from home. Be sure that all employees are always up to date with the latest company news and updates, and ensure that employees are aware of an open line of communication. 

Positive Work Space

When hybrid employees do come into the office, it is important that they have a positive, safe, and warm environment to come into. Be sure that there are comfortable seating arrangements, maybe snacks and refreshments, and any accommodations for employees who may need them in the office. By having a positive and enjoyable atmosphere, employees will thoroughly enjoy their hybrid experience. 

Training and Support

With a hybrid workplace, it is important always to ensure that there are means of support available for employees. Support can be through regular training sessions, check-in meetings, or other support programs. 

Events Outside of the Office

When morale is down in your hybrid office, events are always a way to boost well-being and camaraderie. These events can be of all sizes and intensity. From a bowling night with your team to an expert speaker coming into your office to a company retreat, hosting events for your staff outside your office is an incredible way to enhance well-being at your hybrid workplace. 

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