Reasons to Bring Your Company Meeting Outdoors

outdoor company meeting with workers on their computers

Reasons to Bring Your Company Meeting Outdoors

How can you change up your company meeting and escape the office environment? So much of business operations get done in front of a computer screen, but now and again, it’s good to get outside of the office. You can do just that by taking your company meeting outdoors, giving workers a break from the indoor office space. Think of it as injecting new life into people who don’t often get to enjoy the rejuvenating effects of the outdoors at work. Workers get a break from the screen, can enjoy the fresh air, and get the chance to stretch their legs. What positives can bringing your company meeting outdoors offer? Let’s find out. 

Improves Energy Levels and Creativity 

Taking your meeting outdoors allows everyone to pause and regroup and boost focus.

On a warm, breezy day, the fresh air and sunshine will give you a bit of energy from the Vitamin D it triggers cholesterol in the skin cells to produce. This energy can come from walking around. With more energy, that 2 p.m slump may not hit workers and cause the low energy that tends to come with that time of day. Concentration and focus will improve because workers have more energy, which in turn, can lead to a boost in creativity.

It’s a Break of Sorts

For workers to enjoy the fresh air and escape the air-conditioned office space is invigorating. It can feel like you are on a break, though you are still a part of a meeting. Situated outdoors with a change of scenery can have a positive effect on your mind and body and could leave you refreshed to reenter the indoor office space. It could also be a stress-relieving experience for workers who can shed some of the work fatigue and minimize anxiety and depression by boosting their mood.

Opportunity For Physical Activity 

Being stuck in the office typically doesn’t allow much opportunity for physical activity. With an outdoor meeting, you leave the office outside of a confined space where they can walk. That’s an increase in the number of steps that the workers will take, which is good for their physical wellness. Being able to move around could be enough to help reduce stress hormones, lower blood pressure, and improve circulation for overall wellness. A walking meeting outside is simple and effective as a form of physical activity for workers.

Breaks Barriers 

Being in a relaxed space can do wonders for improving communication between management and employees. A one-on-one, face-to-face meeting can be intimidating for some, but walking and talking or sitting on a bench outside can humanize the boss or management and make the employee more comfortable to speak up on matters of concern more easily. 


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