The Perfect Time for Your Company Retreat

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The Perfect Time for Your Company Retreat

Planning a company retreat is a fun way to break away from the daily grind and create a stronger team that feels more connected. This improves workplace morale and productivity. Choosing when to plan a company retreat can be a little tricky, but these tips will help you narrow it down! 

Consider Upcoming Business Goals 

When it comes to planning a company retreat, syncing it with your business goals shouldn’t be overlooked. Are you aiming to foster creativity, boost morale, or enhance team dynamics? Perhaps you’re strategizing for a crucial upcoming project or aiming to celebrate a team milestone. Whatever your objectives, scheduling your retreat at a time when it complements your business agenda ensures that all the time, you’re not spending in the office is still beneficial for your bottom line. Additionally, consider your business budget and determine how much of that budget can be spent on a company retreat during the early stages of the planning process. 

Avoid Peak Seasons and Project Deadlines

While the idea of a summer escape or a winter wonderland retreat may sound tempting, timing is everything. Try to plan your retreat during an off-season to score lower retreat rates and less competition for booking during your desired dates. Ideally, you can avoid large project deadlines, too. This allows everyone to fully enjoy the retreat and immerse themselves in the experience without fear of falling behind in the office. It’s also important to avoid times when people commonly take family vacations, like over spring and summer break. Have an open meeting with your team to make a tally of upcoming deadlines and projects that need to be finished before the retreat. 

Accounting for Team Dynamics and Availability

Understanding your team’s dynamics and availability is key to orchestrating a successful company retreat. Consider factors such as workload fluctuations, personal commitments, and individual preferences when selecting the perfect time for your getaway. This should be an open discussion with your team to choose a destination and dates that work for everyone. Additionally, the further you can plan in advance, the better. This gives people plenty of time to secure childcare, change existing plans, and ensure that as many team members as possible can participate in the retreat. 

Simply put, there’s not one time that’s better than the rest for company retreats. It all comes down to your schedule, your team, and where you want to go for the retreat. Essex Woods is a beautiful retreat center with facilities to accommodate teams of all sizes, with meaningful activities to bring your employees closer together than ever before. Our retreats offer the perfect place to unwind, relax, reconnect with nature, and build trust within your team! Give us a call today or fill out our online contact form to learn more!

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