What to Look For When Planning Your Off-Site Company Meeting

off-site company meeting

What to Look For When Planning Your Off-Site Company Meeting

There are so many benefits to hosting an off-site company meeting for your staff. A change of scenery and vibe can feel like a breath of fresh air. Getting out of the office can inspire your team and allow them to bring out the creativity that may have been stuck in the office setting. TravelPerk conducted a study that showed 34% of employees said their most creative ideas happen during business trips.

If you are planning an off-site meeting for your company, there are a few things to look for in the center that you choose. Follow along as the expert meeting and retreat facilitators at Essex Woods discuss what you should look for when planning your off-site meeting. 


Location is the first consideration. Where you plan your meeting should be accessible for all employees, whether from public or private transportation. 

Besides logistics, choosing a meeting center that will be comfortable and inspiring for the entire group is important. The whole point is a change of scenery, so consult with your staff to see what kind of environment inspires them the most! Find a center that will completely bring your employees out of the office world, whether the mountains or the ocean. 


When considering locations for your off-site meeting, ensure their capacity is large enough to host the expected number of staff attendees. Be sure to get a solid headcount prior to planning, and it is always best to plan for more attendants than less. 

Amenities & Facilities

Consider your needs for your off-site staff meeting. Will you need a presentation area? With what kind of seating arrangements? Will you need solid Wi-Fi to host your meeting? Ensure that your meeting center has proper areas and spaces for what your company plans to do at your off-site. 


If you hope to engage your staff in activities, consider what the meeting centers offer. Whether it be team-building activities or relaxing by a fire, see what the meeting centers have to offer based on your company’s wants and needs.

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Essex Woods is a unique off-site corporate meeting center with professional facilitation services and plenty of activities. If you are interested in hosting an offsite meeting, reach out to Essex Woods! We proudly host companies of all kinds and sizes at our inspiring meeting center. Give us a call today or fill out our online contact form for more information or to begin planning your off-site meeting!

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