Your Nonprofit Needs a Retreat

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Your Nonprofit Needs a Retreat

Nonprofits are amazing organizations. They do some amazing work helping people, animals, and the planet Earth as a whole. And as their name suggests, they may not even make profits. Most nonprofit workers tend to be volunteers who get no pay, and even when they do get paid, the pay is usually not up to the amount of work they are putting in. Sometimes, some volunteers even have to give out their own money to help their organization’s mission. 

While all of these may sound amazing and sacrificial and all of that, volunteers are human, too. Yes, it’s good to sacrifice your time, money, and energy for greater causes, but there are times along the journey when it just gets tiring. There are times when your volunteers are just worn out and burned out, and they just need to catch a break. So, how do you know when your nonprofit needs to step back for some rest? Let’s find out!

  • Loss of motivation:

The first way to tell that your team is burned out is when you notice signs of a lack of motivation. Some volunteers just can’t seem to find their passion for the job anymore; they may struggle to get work done or even struggle to come to work. If you notice this, yeah, your team needs a retreat.

  1. Feeling drained or exhausted all the time

When your team complains about being tired all the time, their bodies tell them they need a retreat. Feeling tired all the time is not just bad for work; it’s also bad for their mental health. If you notice this. Then, the team needs rest.

  • Having a sense of failure

Being burned out at work actually brings a sense of failure to the team. They feel like they are not giving enough energy as they did when they first started, and while that may be true or not. The most glaring thing is that they just need some time to rest.

  1. Difficulty sleeping, change in sleep habits

Work problems sometimes follow you home. To reiterate, burnout affects the mental health of your team, and one way to tell that that’s what happens is when your team is not getting enough sleep. You may hear them complain or you may notice a lot of eyebags in the office. 

  • Feeling isolated or alone

Being tired, especially in a team, usually sends us into our own minds and makes us feel abandoned or left alone by the team. It’s like everyone else is having fun and still passionate about the work while we are tired and alone. This is a very bad thing a team can face. Get that team a retreat!

  1. Being unusually irritable or impatient

Your team may be the single sweetest and kindest group on the planet, but once burnout kicks in, moods change, tables turn, and sweet people become very irritable and impatient with one another. It’s a cry for help and a call for rest.

Essex Woods Meeting & Retreat Center

There are many ways to deal with burnout, especially in a team, but the most important is getting rest. what’s even better is when the team rests together. It improves team building and team bonds. One amazing place for a nonprofit team retreat is Essex Woods. It’s a beautiful place with serene environments, a calm ambiance, and a lot of fun team-building exercises and activities that bond your team and help them heal together. Give us a call today or fill out our online contact form to learn more.

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