Gibrán Rivera

About Gibrán Rivera

If your non-profit or socially conscious organization is looking for an exceptionally talented outside the box facilitator for your next creative meeting or team building workshop you will be glad you chose Gibrán Rivera. Essex Woods is proud to have this top notch facilitator associated with our facility.

Gibrán is an internationally renowned master facilitator who has devoted his life to the development of leaders and organizational transformation.

Gibrán’s work is anchored by the idea of Evolutionary Leadership. It is about consciousness and culture. It is about action through relentless experimentation. It is about adaptability and working with complexity.

The commitment is to bring great people together to do work that changes everything. We are committed to justice and we are committed to creative possibility. We are talking about our next evolutionary leap. We want to do work that moves us beyond the climate crisis and towards a new and generative economy. This work is about a just transition. We want to be a part of defining new ways for us to be together in this world.

To book Gibrán as an Organizational Consultant, Facilitator, or Speaker please click on the contact button. If you would like more information about Gibrán, please click here.